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Who We Are

Ecommerce Strategy China is an international website for collecting and sharing all knowledge about e-commerce-related topics of China. Our e-commerce articles and e-books focus on the main e-commerce market trends in China. They present stories, present-day case studies, including online payment platforms and stores, social media and much more.


China has emerged as the world leader in e-commerce. It claims more online shoppers than any other nation. China is home to 730 million Internet users, it accounts for 40% of global retail e-commerce, and its mobile payment market is a whopping 11 times the size of the U.S. market. Whether we are talking about transactions, technology, or money, China stands out. And this is only the beginning for China’s astronomical growth in the e-commerce space.

Currently there are many websites and blogs covering China e-commerce news and insights. However, detailed 'how to' information is difficult to find, not very well organized and not always reliable. collects e-commerce content in one convenient location. We invite China e-commerce experts from all corners of China to contribute. We strive to gather basic, advanced and expert information so that becomes the main place for everybody who would like to expand their knowledge about e-commerce in China.

The ESC Editorial Team

The ESC Editorial Team is combined of 10 people who are interested in the China e-commerce business with many years’ working experience in the e-commerce marketing. They are working hard in the research of e-commerce giants in China like Alibaba and Tencent who provide the popular digital payment solutions Alipay and Wechat Pay, and will share changes in the Chinese daily life as valued books and columns.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the readers find the latest and useful information and share the content that they are interested in. It is great if our readers can explore new territory, get more information and expand their mind through the reading journey on Ecommerce Strategy China.

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