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Influencer Marketing - Find the right Chinese KOL for your marketing campaign

By ESC Editorial Team, 2 months ago Business
Influencer Marketing - Find the right Chinese KOL for your marketing campaign

Why is KOL important for your marketing in China?

The rise of social media platforms in China has changed the way marketing is done. The days for brand generated content and traditional advertising are gone and the era of user-generated content (UGC) is beginning. Chinese consumers are more and more in tune with the voices of ordinary users and trust them as a reliable source of information. Under this trend, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) become the best and most potent partner for brands to communicate their messages with users. In China, there are several kinds of KOLs, including celebrities, Wanghong (Chinese Internet celebrities), influential bloggers or experts of a particular field. They create viral content in various digital forms and massively attract followers on social media such as Weibo and TikTok. Their advice, instructions, and reviews are considered credible and can heavily affect the buying behaviour of their fans and readers.

Compared with movie stars or singers, KOLs do better in turning followers into loyalty consumers, because they build a community of followers that share common characteristics such as age, gender, occupation, income, interest and so on. Working with KOLs will effectively reach the targeted customers compared to mass advertising.

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TOP 6 KOL on Weibo – Find the right KOL for your brand and your business

However, as the market is saturated with too many KOLs, it will be paramount to choose the appropriate candidate to achieve a higher Rate on Investment (ROI). There are two key indicators to identify the right KOL. First, you should target the people who are the main followers of KOL. Businesses prefer KOLs with the largest fan base and influence, but it is wiser to consider qualitative factors such as age and interest. Second, the content that KOLs create should appropriately represent the brand’s essence and image. The forms of digital content vary from text, image, short-video, vlog to live broadcasts. Before deciding on a KOL that you want to partner with, you need to find out what kind of content they are best at and whether their style suits your brands.

Here, we list the TOP 6 KOLs on Weibo in various areas and introduce their cooperation with brands that can serve as reference for your marketing plan.


@深夜徐老师 (Midnight Miss Xu)
Weibo followers: 5.2 million

It is one of the top fashion influencers and we-media accounts on Weibo.The founder, Xu Yan is a fashionista. She also has a WeChat official account with over 2 million followers (Her Wechat official account name is in Chinese: 深夜发媸). The content consists mainly of video and text images that focus on skincare, makeup and dress matching advice. You can see one of her posts in the screenshot below, where she shares her favourite pyjamas with her fans, while making them aware of brands.



Weibo followers: 8.5million

Kakakaoo is a famous beauty makeup blogger. The content on her Weibo consists mainly of review videos of products. She frequently launches giveaway campaigns to encourage fans to repost and comment under her posts. Here is a post in which she recommends the skincare product, La Mer. It received 204 retweets, 8314 comments and 11425 likes.



@办公室小野 (Office lady Xiaoye)
Weibo followers6.6million

She posts a popular video on food in Weibo and is under contract with Onion Group. She became famous for a number of interesting videos about cooking in the office, such as baking pancakes on the PC case. The screenshot below is her latest video promoting instant noodles from Uni-President. Although it is an advertisement, she made it interesting by making a DIY heating device. As a result, the video post received high engagement through 36802 retweets, 12564 comments and 65373 likes on Weibo.

Onion Group is a leading MCN in China.
Uni-President is the largest food production company in Taiwan and has a significant market share in China.



@小刚几 (Xiaogangji)
Weibo followers2.1 million

It is an influential parenting account on Weibo that goes viral because of a little cute girl named Xiao Gang Ji (小刚几). Her mother shares her daily life and images on Weibo, attracting a large number of viewers. The main form of her promotional content is post of product recommendations with text, image, and product link. 

Here is an example of her Weibo post, promoting Safeguard’s kids body wash, which received 156 retweets, 1099 comments and 2411 likes.


Another post sample on December 11 this year relates to an air freshener from 532 (a household electrical appliance company in China), which brought 2502 retweets, 1724 comments and 2356 likes.



Weibo followers1.9 million

She is a famous traveller on Weibo, who graduated from Columbia University. She records her travels in the form of vlog and shares travel guide on the social media platforms. The photos in her latest traveling vlog are taken with the Osmo pocket cameras from DJI. By combining the product placement with compelling content, it not only brings an intuitive view of the product but also engage better with users. The following post snapshot returned 4133 retweets, 2540 comments and 3967 likes.


In this article, we have presented a brief KOL promotion in China from 2018 and the representative Chinese KOLs in 6 different sections. It should be a help to those who decide to bring their brand to the Chinese market through its bloggers, influencers and web celebrities. 

For more information on KOL’s marketing trends and competencies in China, please see our latest columns.

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