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The new opportunities for e-commerce on WeChat Short Video Mini Program

By ESC Editorial Team, over 5 years ago Business
The new opportunities for e-commerce on WeChat Short Video Mini Program

Short Video Mini Program

Recently, WeChat officially launched the short video mini program "Kanyikan". WeChat users are currently unable to visit the mini program by searching for its name, but can access it through the official WeChat account "WeChat Kanyikan".

"Kanyikan short video" presents videos as an information stream. By clicking on a short video, the user can watch more short videos by scrolling up the screen of the phone and share a video with WeChat friends through the mini program.


The WeChat official account of the Kanyikan short video mini program is "WeChat Kanyikan". On the same page as WeChat Moments, "Kanyikan" is an important traffic entry for WeChat, which is the directory of the posts and videos from official WeChat accounts. At present, the number of posts is much larger than the videos. And the length of many short videos is 3-10 minutes, most of which are about 5 minutes.

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Weishi reached over 10 million monthly active users through WeChat traffic

On April 11 this year, WeChat banned the backlinks of all short video platforms – Tik Tok, Xigua Video, Kuaishou, Weishi, etc.

Two months later, some Internet users found that Weishi videos could normally be shared through WeChat, while videos from channels like Tik Tok and Xigua Video can only be shared through WeChat by downloading them from those channels and uploading them to WeChat.

As Tencent's major short video product, Weishi is supported by all of Tencent's network traffic. In May of this year, the internal beta version of WeChat Android has been extended by an entry that allows the videos in Moments to be synchronised with Weshi. By September 15, a new camera entry option had been added to the WeChat's Moments page: "Use the Weishi Camera", marked as "Sponsored". Clicking on it, it says: “Leaving WeChat and opening another app”, directing WeChat users to download the Weishi app. 

During the sponsored promotion on WeChat for two days, Weishi became the top free download on the Apple Store.

In addition to WeChat, the Weishi Ads were shown live in several TV series and variety shows by Tencent Video. The naming of well-known variety shows is the most direct way to attract traffic and show the brand. Apart from that, Weishi invited a number of popular stars as spokespersons to activate traffic through their effect on their fans.

The combination of traffic resources, brand awareness, influential spokespersons and webstar marketing is a strong and competitive marketing strategy by Weishi. The data showed that Weishi's monthly active user base exceeded the 10 million mark in September, an increase of 18.7 percent.

Value the quality of video content

In addition to WeChat’s strong support for Weishi, Tencent recently launched a new short video product: Yoo Video. Tencent, which is already competing against TikTok with Weishi, wants to find another way, namely the Yoo Video, which offers content refinement. 

Yoo recruits exclusive video content, with a maximum subsidy of CNY 10,000 per one video. Unlike most new platforms, Yoo Video focuses on professionally generated content (PGC). Most of the videos are shown horizontally with higher content quality requirements.


The short video on Yoo lasts between 1-5 minutes. This means that the market space of content related to entertainment, funny jokes and life recording is greatly compressed. Of course, Yoo Video’s goal is to capture the qualified content and not the traffic.

This model may be more robust than the Weishi type. The constant introduction of high-quality content is helping to lay the foundations for Yoo’s traffic and users, and to get more talented people to continue to produce videos with good content. It works in circles to attract more qualified content producers and users, to interact with each other and to spontaneously disseminate the content. 

The advantage of Tik Tok and Weishi is that their users have the habit of watching short videos. However, the content on both channels is not deep enough, as most videos are entertainment and fun. We need more in-deep content in the social video market. Therefore, there are still many opportunities for new short video platforms and apps. For example, videos in vertical fields with more interesting or higher standard content will definitely have more opportunities in the content market.

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