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Cisco Works with Alibaba to Forge a First-Class Data Centre

By ESC Editorial Team, over 6 years ago Business
Cisco Works with Alibaba to Forge a First-Class Data Centre

It is reported that Cisco and Alibaba Group is going to work together to forge a first-class, industry-leading data centre. Cisco, the largest networking company in the world, will support Alibaba in boosting network visualisation and intelligence, with its innovative technology in switching networks. 

Cloud and industrial digitisation are the foundations of a “smart society” combining technology and ecology. AliCloud, affiliate of Alibaba Group as well as pioneer in the cloud computing and artificial intelligence, has been serving enterprises, developers, governments and organisations in more than 200 countries and regions with safe and reliable service in computing and data processing, and it is still dedicated to making the technology an inclusive benefit for the whole society. 

A safe cloud network is the breeding ground for an internet economy to grow. As data dramatically alters the business modes and people’s daily lives, and computing penetrates into various sectors, users are shifting their businesses and services to a cloud platform and demanding a data centre network of higher level to embrace the platform. The problem of realising the value of computing in business activities will be Alibaba’s priority in the future and a crucial step in its plan of an expansive e-commerce ecosystem. 

Cisco, as a front runner in technology, not only cultivates premium high-tech products but also demonstrates a profound insight towards the technology industry. In the cooperation, it will design the structure of Alibaba’s data centre and devote itself to making it more agile and simplified. Nexus 9000 series switch is one of the productions from Cisco, which has been shown to be superior in performance and dealing with latency, and will be applied to Alibaba’s 25G data centre shortly. 

Owing to the efforts of a batch of top professions in research and development from home and abroad, Alibaba’s existing data centre has been advanced to a second version, and Cisco’s second generation Cloud Scale chip will be a plus for the current system to reduce power consumption as well as enhancing efficiency. With the technical support of Cisco, Alibaba will be able to integrate big data and artificial intelligence to collect and analyse data such as traffic and performance index, as well as to take advantage of algorithms to manage and optimise its network.  

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