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What are “Transformation”, “Creation” and “Connection” in the Digital Economy?

By ESC Editorial Team, over 5 years ago People
What are “Transformation”, “Creation” and “Connection” in the Digital Economy?

At the Digital Exhibition Conference 2017, Pony Ma commented on the digital economy in three words: transformation, creation and connection. Here is an abstract of his speech.


"The real economy is in full digital transformation deep in every corner. In the transformation process, Tencent is the link between the manufacturing industry and people. They build the infrastructure to support the traditional enterprise by providing their technology in the cloud, big data and AI (artificial intelligence).

For example, Tencent provides the cloud service to one of its partners, Three-One Heavy Industry. In this service, the company can connect its applications to the cloud platform and capture the real-time data. With cloud computing and data, they can remotely monitor the work status of their devices, troubleshoot in time, and reduce inventory pressures."


In the age of the digital economy, the innovation opportunities exist in every vertical field.

"Take, for example, the estate agent in Lianjia. Estate agency is a traditional industry in China. Faced with the pressure of the internet, Lianjia broke through and overcame the barriers, actively transforming into an online business, and became the flagship of the online and offline estate agency industry. 

The second example of creation is the Nio car in China (the previous name is Nextev car), which was commented as intelligent and the Chinese version of Tesla. WeiLai’s business is the electric sports car and the racing car. The performance of their cars broke many records on the big global racetracks and earned many first prizes. With the ability to research, develop and create electric vehicles, Nio combines its unmanned driving technology, music, cloud services and offline services. In the future, manufacturing and agriculture will also become part of digitisation, the internet, and computerisation, and all areas of life will encompass the digital economy." Pony Ma said.


"Due to the connection to overseas in recent years, especially with the “digital Silk Road”, the copyright of Chinese companies has been largely protected and developed.

Now the Chinese cultural industry is becoming global in the context of films and televisions, mobile games, music, literature, and animation. The Chinese digital cultural product is the "new silk", and China should seize the present opportunity and work with foreign intellectual property companies, to arrange the layout of the global digital culture industry."

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