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JD launches the world’s first commodities traceability mini program using blockchain technology

By ESC Editorial Team, over 5 years ago Business
JD launches the world’s first commodities traceability mini program using blockchain technology

Blockchain has been the focus of worldwide attention for quite some time. While the world has tried to explore its uses across industries, there has been continuous development to improve this technology. These improvements include the creation of many new cryptocurrencies using the original Bitcoin code, such as include Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Atom, Bitcoin Platinum, Super Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Diamond. (Read more about Bitcoin Diamond at MintDice)

Instead of advocating the cryptocurrency, Chinese companies tend to apply blockchain technology for specific purposes. For example, JD, China’s e-commerce giant, has recently launched the world's first commodities traceability mini program (ZhiZhenShengHuo). Based on blockchain technology, this JD mini program aims to provide consumers with a more trusted customer experience.

As the consumption entrance for traceable goods on, “ZhiZhenShengHuo” has collected a large number of JD's forgery-proof goods. It allows consumers to inquire about or buy products directly, and helps them to understand and keep track of everything about the product. Every article in the mini program passed JD’s anti-counterfeit blockchain. According to the unified coding mechanism, each of the smallest packaged items receives a unique ID. This unique ID captures all important data for each item, for raw material sourcing to customer service.

In addition to direct purchasing and retrieval of relevant traceable products, the mini program also provides a query for vaccine batches. The user can check if the vaccine batch is qualified by entering the batch number. JD is actively exploring the application of blockchain technology in the traceability of the entire process of goods, medicine and vaccines in the hope of building a reliable supply chain for JD users.

At present, JD’s traceability mini program includes cosmetics, skin care, mom & baby products, groceries, fresh food, wine, home textiles, healthcare and other types. All these items are already available in the mini program. Consumers can scan the source code of the product through WeChat to automatically enter it into the mini program; the traceability information of each item will be displayed without having to download the APP.

Using fresh food as an example, consumers are concerned about the safety of the whole process, such as cultivation, breeding, growth, transportation and other aspects. While the merchants are looking forward to a better way to show consumers the quality of the goods.

Based on strong R&D capability and a controllable supply chain operation system, JD has established a complete blockchain technology system and anti-counterfeit traceability application system. For example, in the upcoming crab season, all the information from crab breeding, fishing, processing and transportation collected by various equipments will be written to blockchain code. In this way, people can track where the information came from the where it went, and the information can not be tampered with.

The key formation of overseas goods on JD that interest many consumers can be tracked through the JD mini program, including sourcing, quality verification and import on the platform. All recorded information of JD’s international goods, including logistics entry, customs entry declaration, warehouse management, customs clearance, domestic sorting, JD’s own logistics distribution and consumer receipts, are acknowledged as true and can not be manipulated.

In recent years, JD has developed and practiced blockchain technology that enhances the consumer experience. In addition, the traceability system, the blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform and the blockchain service platform are already on JD’s schedule, working with the supervision department, third-party institutions and brands based on supply-side analysis.

It is said, that JD expects to cooperate with more brand owners and partners in the future to remain at the forefront of consumer quality and enter the economy of trust through technological innovation.

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