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Feature of Data Times Will Be Experience

By ESC Editorial Team, over 5 years ago People
Feature of Data Times Will Be Experience

Jack Ma pointed out in his speech that the next 30 years would be data times, and the key for success would be user experience, which all internet firms should pay close attention to.

“The world is changing. In the next 30 years, the competition is no longer about power or knowledge, but about user experience – how to energize employees, customers and women. Yes, women. This group is going to play a far more important role than before. We have 47% female staffs, which take up 33% of our management positions. It is not a strange or surprising phenomenon, and I would like to owe our success in the internet field to this secret ingredient

Women cared more about others than men. Men are concerned with power, promotion and salary, while women, they take care of children, parents and husbands. So they know how to adapt in order to improve the life of others. Hire as many as women and let them be the driver of sustainable development for your company. 

Our company is the best example. Almost 50% of staffs are women and 33% of senior managers are women too. By the way, more than 50% of our online sellers with outstanding performances are females. In traditional times or ways, it is hard to imagine a woman to be best salesperson. But on the internet, people only care about the services, instead of questioning whether you are a man or woman.

There are many things I want to share. Whenever I talked with small entrepreneurs, I felt more relaxed, because we would focus on dreams, teams and customers. But with people at big companies, it would be a completely different situation as the talk would be about competitors, revenues and profits. 

The first technological revolution made humans more powerful; the second technological revolution enabled us to reach far-away places, by plane or train. However, unfortunately, they also enabled World Wars. Now, we are getting greedier, and desire for more. We dream of flying to the moon, exploring the universe, but seem to forget about ourselves, humanity. 

The business world is evolving and developing, all the while with an unchanged objective: to make people happier and healthier. If your company does both, which I call Double H, you are successful.”

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