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Jack Ma and his Birthplace - Hangzhou

By ESC Editorial Team, over 5 years ago People
Jack Ma and his Birthplace - Hangzhou

From Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong to New York, these cities have saw Jack Ma’s footmarks to carve out. But Hangzhou, where Jack Ma grew and founded Alibaba, was his only and most important base camp. When asked about reasons why he particularly favored Hangzhou, Jack Ma answered that it was in Hangzhou that he went through the most difficult period; he would always appreciated and remembered that. Ma also said that he enjoyed living in Hangzhou and had no intention for immigration.
Born and raised in Zhejiang, Jack Ma said he was proud of being a Zhejiang merchant, and the standing entrepreneur spirit of the group – integrity, has been living and breathing throughout the development of Alibaba. Ma said: “Alibaba, as a huge Internet community of tens of millions of active enterprises and individuals, will certainly assume more responsibility to help build a society in good faith.”
Ma said that the most unforgettable times was actually when he first started business after graduating from university. “I have a dream, which I still struggle to achieve until now. In 70s or 80s in China, most businessmen could succeed if they have connections or extraordinary courage, while in 80s and late 90s, things changed: fund and relationships became the most important factors. But now is 21 century. If enterprises in China are still expecting fund and relationship, rather than intelligence and diligence, to lead them to success, I am sure they can get no chance in this fierce market. What I hope is to create fortunate through the powerful internet and our infinite wisdom.”
A TV programme of CCTV has recorded a scene when Jack Ma was in Beijing. In the film, he sat in the bus, looking at the outside street lights with heavy expression, and murmured: “a few years later, everyone will know what I am doing, and I will not be down and out as I am now.” Ma did not stay at Beijing after all, and returned to his hometown Hangzhou.
In Hangzhou, Alibaba has experienced a soaring development and progress, now with employees more than 2 million. With the listing in America completed, the employees in Alibaba will harvest great wealth ($41.3billion as reported). Jack Ma now is the godfather of Chinese e-commerce, attracting the spotlight and respected by numerous entrepreneurs, and I guess, beyond Beijing and Hangzhou, people around every corner of China, and even the world, know what Jack Ma does.

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