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Learn from Alibaba to Tell a Good Story

By ESC Editorial Team, over 6 years ago Other
Learn from Alibaba to Tell a Good Story

In the sharing activity of Vision Capital, an internet financial company, an entrepreneur asked Wang Shuai, the chairman of Alibaba’s marketing public relations committee, to tell a good story to a start-up company. Wang Shuai replied, “Many people are always saying, that they have a lot of stories to tell, and they will embellish these and make them more exciting. But, this is not the way of Alibaba’s public relations. For us there is only one story, ‘to make it easy to do business everywhere,’ and this story is just beginning. We won’t tell many stories and have several ideas. We have only one concept, and all the stories are parts of this idea. When a company has two different stories, the board of directors might need to sit at a table and discuss about these.”

In fact, Wang Shuai said, “Most of the time, a company’s problem does not lie in how to tell a good story, but with administration and management. For example, learning to manage the rules of branding and focus on project. You should know exactly what your responsibility is and who your business partners are.”

Mentioning media ecology, Wang Shuai said we are being overwhelmed by we media. The corporations should not accommodate this. “Once this trend disappears, the trees will still grow up. We should face the new things and learn from them, like practicing our muscles and bones outside and training our breath inside. The key point is to figure out what is true and what is false. We will learn from the truth and keep the good parts we already had. It is unnecessary to explain to onlookers, which would just make it a monkey show. We won’t be that big fool monkey.”

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