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The Real Internet Era Will Be the Next 30 Years

By ESC Editorial Team, over 5 years ago People
The Real Internet Era Will Be the Next 30 Years

The three technological revolutions have fundamentally changed the world. Every time when this happens, there will be turbulence and a deeply felt change in our societies, with a lot of jobs disappearing, and more new jobs created. People alive now are lucky to experience this third technological revolution. Let’s see what Jack Ma had said about the new opportunities in the internet era.

“History tells us that it will take us almost 60 years to get through each of the technological revolutions. The first 30-year period is about the technology itself, and the next 30-year period is for people to apply and use the technology. In the Internet Era, the first 30 years have just passed. The next 30 years will be critical to every country and to all of us. As we know, the past 30 years were called the internet technology period, so the next 30 years will be the real Internet Era. And that’s what I want to tell the young people to know. 

New and interesting things are happening. It makes sense to pay attention to people under the age of 30, and to companies with less than 30 employees. They will have the potential energy for the new things. As for the reasons why Alibaba is so successful, I think it was 19 years ago that we started the business, and 15 years ago that we built Taobao and initiated the B2C business. It was very difficult to persuade people to use our service at that time, especially to try the new service. 

In the past in China, if we were able to persuade the elders to do something, we could get the young people to do it too, because they would be willing to learn from the elders and the elders’ experience. But today, the opposite happens. For example, if you persuade the young people to try something new, we can get their parents to try it too. We can change the future of the world, if we make the changes happen in the young generation. Fifteen years ago, we spent most of our time concentrating on the people younger than 20, inviting them to try our B2C service, and now they're 35. These people are going online to access information, do their shopping and engage in business activities, all of which enable us to be successful. 

What I want to tell all the young people is that it is their era now. The technological revolution is not a murderer destroying our jobs, on the contrary, it is a job creator. We should be positive regarding to the 3rd technological revolution, and take the opportunity to be a part of the people now changing the world.”

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