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The Purposes of Creating the Damo Academy

By ESC Editorial Team, over 6 years ago Business
The Purposes of Creating the Damo Academy

With this in mind, including our appreciation and awe of technology, Alibaba may be the best cross-border company and the best combination of business and technology company.  Today, making money is not hard for Alibaba. I think money will naturally come if you have done the right thing, and money will eventually go if you did the wrong thing. Now Alibaba has money, so we must consider the future problems. Alibaba positions itself as a company to create the future, so we need to think about the issues of the future. 

What is our laboratory orientation? I think it should not be ‘Research for Fun’or ‘Research for Profit’. It should be research to solve the problem with profit and fun. In the 21st century, companies can only survive by solving social problems and can’t survive without solving the problems.

‘For Fun’ goes too far, ‘For Profit’ is too close, both will not last long. How big a company can become depends on the big social problems the company has solved. The greater the social issues that have been resolved, the greater the responsibilities and benefits that are brought to the company. This is Alibaba’s way of thinking.   Today, the size of Alibaba is already equal to the 21st largest world economy. We have more than 500 million monthly active users, huge data sets and countless consumers. The daily troubles far outweigh our imagination. But all these troubles are opportunities for scientists. Ten years ago, I claimed that Alibaba was not lacking in engineers, but we have no sociologists, economists, psychologists, computer experts and so on. We want to breed a society, not a company.

Alibaba's goal for the next two decades is to create the fifth-largest world economy. It is not that we are arrogant, but that the world needs such an economy and that there must be such an economy. Today's Alibaba is rich, resourceful, talented, influential, and has the world's largest data base. These resources, talents, and data should not only be used by Alibaba, but by the world and for the future. This is our sincere wish.  To establish this economy, we must accomplish three goals. The first is to make the world economy more inclusive. The second is to make the world economy more sustainable. The third is to make the world economy more happy and healthy. Achieving these three goals will create 100 million jobs for the world, provide cross-border services to two billion people, and create a profitable platform for 10 million businesses.

Such a fifth-largest economy requires technical support, and there are too many technical problems. So the lab will be built for the next two decades. The economy does not belong to Alibaba's economy, nor does the lab belong to Alibaba's lab. I do not want to turn it into Alibaba's laboratory. The problems that Alibaba engineers have encountered are not easy, but they are not unsolvable.

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  • By JWL Merticular June 5th, 2018

    Interesting name! Anyone know why Alibaba called it DAMO?

    Please to reply.

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