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Four Rules for Alibaba Jack Ma’s Success

By ESC Editorial Team, over 5 years ago People
Four Rules for Alibaba Jack Ma’s Success

Here we present several sentences that demonstrate Jack Ma’s understanding of start-up and managing a company. Let’s learn how to march for the success with the four rules.

Opportunity is for those who never give up.

“In my view, there is an opportunity for everyone if we never give up. Today is bad, tomorrow will be worse, and the day after tomorrow will become good, but most of the people give up before the day after tomorrow. All of us should concentrate on the things we are doing right now in order to grab the chance when it comes. We believe, that in this world, we can be somebody if we keep trying and learning, no matter what we look like, pretty or normal. Man’s talent is not dependent on his appearance.”

Employees first, customers second.

“In my eyes, the employees come first, and then the customers. No employees, no Alibaba. It is only if our employees are happy that they can assist us to provide good services to our customers. Meanwhile, our customers’ positive comments to our employees will encourage them to work harder and harder, leading our website to keep developing.”

“To value a person and a company, do not concentrate on whether he and his people have graduated from Harvard or Stanford, but pay attention to see whether he and his people are working like crazy, and are happy to get home from their work.”

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean.

“One of the main factors for Alibaba to achieve its place today is that we had no money. Most of the people lose because of their wealth. We were thinking hard about spending one cent when we were without money before, to ensure one cent also earned the value of one cent. Now it has become our working habit, and we continue to take money seriously even though we are rich. It is because we are using the money from our investors, and we must be responsible for them and ourselves, assuring them that we are worthy of their investment. I understand it is much more difficult to spend other people’s money than our own. The most important thing for us is to do it gradually and look after it.”

You have only yourself to blame.

"No entrepreneur should stop working until the environment is alright. If the environment is in bad shape, they will have to work to change it, instead of stopping to complain and grumble about it, which makes no sense. If you fail, you have only yourself to blame. Even if you are unlucky, you have only yourself to blame. "

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