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How can Alibaba Cloud benefit the manufacture industry?

By ESC Editorial Team, over 5 years ago Business
How can Alibaba Cloud benefit the manufacture industry?

Ali Cloud now has more than one million corporate customers and is providing services which include computing, storage, networking, security and more. Not only the Internet companies and startups are using Ali Cloud, but also one third of the top 500 Chinese companies. Cloud computing is changing the future of Chinese enterprises, using cloud computing and artificial intelligence to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Cloud computing has already entered all aspects of the society and life within the Internet companies, and the first to be influenced was manufacturing. CEO of Ali Cloud said that Ali Cloud serves 100,000 enterprises in Zhejiang, hoping to promote the manufacturing and service industries. “Intelligent manufacturing won’t be realised until manufacturing and cloud computing are combined," he said.

Maotai (a high-end liquor brand in China) built a marketing platform through Ali Cloud, and will build a security system through blockchain. Through Ali Cloud's big data capabilities, Maotai will be able to connect consumers and manufacturing and is now on the way towards technological change.

Hengyi, the largest textile manufacturer in China, used Alibaba's technology to optimise energy production, saving 450 tons of coal a year by 1% increase in efficiency.

Philips China has placed its entire data centre on Ali Cloud and now only a few people are needed to maintain its huge IT system, resulting in a significant cost savings. These are just the beginnings. The internet is essential for industries, and cloud computing, manufacturing and government services are all undergoing close chemical reactions.

China Huaneng, the biggest power generation company in China, used Ali Cloud's data service to make the procurement of materials more efficient.

Ali Cloud also helped Geely Automobile to integrate access data, sales data and production chain data for all platforms and provided Geely with collision test computing services to improve the efficiency of safety testing.

From assisting enterprises to improving yields to opening up new retail stores, relocating stations, supply chain improvements and efficiency enhancements, cloud computing is continuously advancing in the progress of “Made in China."

Besides manufacturing, finance, government, transportation, aerospace, and sports, Ali Cloud is working with partners from all walks of society to explore the evolution of cloud computing and application scenarios.

Bank of Nanjing has shifted its financial IT system through the distributed core system conforming to the Internet architecture as a whole. The largest low-cost carrier Air Asia is also using Alibaba Cloud security technology to intercept more than 90% of network attacks and to resist malicious swipes.

Hu Xiaoming said Ali Cloud is committed to making computing resources more inclusive and intelligent. For this reason, it has been exploring the ultimate computing model for the future. "We are exploring quantum computing with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Ali Cloud is preparing its own quantum experiments. We hope that we will have our own technical input in quantum hardware, quantum software, quantum algorithms and quantum computing applications, and will work with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to meet the needs of the data computing power for the future of mankind. "

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