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Bad Luck Means You Are Not Working Hard Enough

By ESC Editorial Team, over 5 years ago People
Bad Luck Means You Are Not Working Hard Enough

When many people say that their own lives and work are not smooth or unsuccessful, they attribute the reasons to their misfortune or that others are more fortunate.  

In the UK, there is a 63-year-old woman who insisted on buying a lottery ticket every week for more than 20 years. Three years ago she retired, but she was not idle and continued to work as a tailor. Life was not bad, but she insisted on buying lottery tickets every week. She said she had been buying lottery tickets for over 20 years and buying lottery tickets was more of a habit. Until recently, she won a prize of million pounds.  

Luck is important to win a lottery. But why do some people have more luck than others? Luck is not as easy as a pie. 

The "Probability of Success (POS)” theory, which specialises in the law of "luck", points out that there are three reasons and conditions why some are luckier than others. One is to set a goal, the other is to work towards the goal, and the last one is to never give up and continue to work on it even after failure. The reason the British woman finally won the lottery is that she followed these three rules.  

The "Lotus Law" proposed by Jack Ma also includes this meaning.  

There are two reasons for any one's success: one is inevitability, the other is coincidence. "Lotus Law" reveals the reasons: the inevitability and a considerable part of the chance to succeed are in positive correlation of the subjective initiative and the effort of the person. In other words, bad luck is because there is not enough effort or you give up halfway. 

Jack Ma put the effort of people on three levels: no effort, not enough hard work and hard work, and he said “No effort is not terrible. No effort meant no success, but he still had something to be grateful for: he was not tired or disappointed. However, not enough hard work is terrible. He did, he tried, and he is tired. He did have a rest but he still did not play well. The quality and speed of study and work, self-criticism and self-cultivation were not good enough. Even the more terrible are people who take "bad luck" as an excuse for giving up their goal.” 

Often we feel very tired and think that we work very hard and we console ourselves by saying "although I was not successful, I did my best”. In fact, it is still not with enough effort.

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