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Jack Ma Returns to the Education Field After Alibaba Group

By ESC Editorial Team, over 5 years ago People
Jack Ma Returns to the Education Field After Alibaba Group

On 15th February, 2017, Yungu School, founded by partners of Alibaba, released more information about itself. On its official site we could see the profile of Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, now also the school’s master. You could also find an attached letter from Jack Ma, which says: “Our roots are in China and our eyes are on the world. Our education in kindergarten and primary school will focus on cultivating students’ cultural literacy, while at the junior and senior stage emphasis will be put on imparting knowledge.”

Yungu School is an international school, which provides 15-year education (from kindergarten to high school), and can accommodate 3000 students. According to its official introduction, the ratio of teachers to students is 1:5, which is much better than that of conventional schools. And 30% - 40% of the teachers are employed through global recruitment and have more than 5-year’s teaching experience. 

In January 2013, Jack Ma announced that he was to step down as the CEO of Alibaba Group and become executive chairman of the board of Alibaba. He also mentioned his desire to serve as the first principal of Taobao University. Having 6 years of teaching experience, Jack Ma still has an “education complex”. You can tell that from his name on his microblog: Spokesman of rural teachers – Jack Ma.

At the World Internet Conference in 2014, Jack Ma made an impressive comment: “The biggest issues people would be talking about after ten years are health and happiness, and so, we invest in education, sports and health care. If we get well prepared for these domains now, in ten years we can not only solve social problems but also seize a chance.”

In January 2015, Alibaba Group established the Hupan University, and Jack Ma became its principal. In April of the same year, he donated RMB 10 million to the Hangzhou Normal University, Jack Ma’s alma mater, and set up the ‘Hangzhou Normal University Jack Ma Fund’, which will be mainly used for educational research and innovation.

In September 2015, the Jack Ma Public Fund initiated the ‘Jack Ma Award of Rural Teachers’ which will reward 100 excellent teachers selected every year. Moreover, in February 2016 Jack Ma donated $20 million to the Newcastle University in Australia, and launched a scholarship program in memory of the precious friendship with his Australian friends. 

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